The rebirth of the Rideboom app is just about to make transportation easier and more comfortable

 Melbourne, AU: RideBoom Technologies is proud to announce that their new app is finally ready to be launched and used. Just like any other app that was just created, Rideboom met some issues on the way, slightly delaying its launch. But, as the company’s representative state, all the technological issues and other glitches that may have given users a hard time are now all fixed. The CEO and Founder of Rideboom Technologies, Harry Malhi, is excited to let everybody know that with the help of this app, anyone in need of transportation will be able to get the comfort and luxury they need, while getting from their present location to the desired destination. RideBoom provides five star services for riders to select they are RB Eco, RB Lux, Silver cabs, RB Aid van and RB delivery.

Why is this app so revolutionary? Harry Malhi strived to bring significant changes in the transportation industry, more precisely in the on-demand transportation. His dream is to provide safer and cleaner cars, friendly and more responsible drivers, and outstanding services to customers. The Rideboom app was specially designed to allow people to book not only cars, but also luxury silver taxi, Aid vans, and own private courier per their needs and preferences. By using the app, a client may require the delivery of the desired car at a specified address and time of the day. So, unlike other services, the client will not get surge price to get the car, they can book Ride now or Ride later service, they will get better service. Also, the app can help people with deliveries around the city or suburbs 24/7, in the same manner as having a person courier.

What area will the Rideboom app serve? At the moment, Rideboom covered the entire city of Melbourne. But very soon, as the CEO of the company promises, it will be extended to cover more cities across Victoria. As it is only normal, people will wonder what makes this company so special in comparison with other companies that provide on demand transportation services. The answer will be the fact that RideBoom offers unmet services. Clients will be able to choose their preferred driver, in case they have one, as there are special incentives for drivers. Also, in comparison with other apps that provide ride share services, Rideboom promises to offer better cars and better drivers at much more affordable prices. Riders able to pay by cab charge as well. The company is not focused on getting quantity but quality. So it doesn’t want to have as many drivers as possible, as it wishes to gain reliable members.

Our CEO encourages riders to book cars using the Rideboom app. Riders shouldn’t get charged extra because they use another off-shore ride share app and get some of the same cars and the same drivers. Women are encouraged to use our services as their safety is our company’s top priority. Women are usually weary when it comes to taking shared rides as they do not trust the strangers with whom they have to share a car however Rideboom drivers are carefully vetted and selected, as are their cars, out of our desire to provide safer rides for everyone.

Rideboom is Australian owned.

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