RideBoom is set to launch its app in Kolkata with the two-wheeler bike.

RideBoom is available in more than 8 cities After having a very successful outcome in each city RideBoom is now set to launch its app with bike rides in Kolkata in the coming weeks. RideBoom is a rideshare app where the rider can get a car or bike with the push of a button. 1% of each ride is donated to local charities.

RideBoom will not only offer passengers a large selection of vehicles but also now provide bike rides with guaranteed uniform and transparent pricing, with no additional surcharges during periods of high demand.

Convenience is the number one benefit of using RideBoom. You can always find a driver that can help you get home or anywhere you want to go. When you need a ride, simply open the app on your mobile device and select your location, and you will know how far the nearest driver is. Once you order a ride, you can track your driver’s movement and be ready when he/she arrives at your location to pick you up. It’s as simple as that. Get a ride anywhere time.

“The vehicles and drivers will undergo safety and cleanliness inspections”.

Increased traffic and long commutes have taken a toll on people who have to travel daily or to work. This is where the affordable and convenient concept of bike taxis comes in and that’s where RideBoom is the only app where you can select the gender of the driver for your safety.

Bike taxi is the best solution in Indian cities where traffic is a huge problem on the roads.

Why Ride with RideBoom

Reach your destination faster

You can beat the traffic, navigate narrow lanes easily, and save time and money with RideBoom Bike.

Spend fewer

We don’t increase the price of the rides in peak demand.

Free Ride Credits

With RideBoom you will get free ride credit on each ride and if you share your code with family and friends you get more ride credits.


Let’s RideBoom.

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