Your Contact Details

Rider and drivers contact mobile numbers are masked. We are using secure technology to keep our service user’s details secure so that users can communicate without exchanging personal information. Riders and drivers can communicate to each other with call or text message only from our app.

Vehicle safety

Each vehicle must get road safety certificate from our partner inspection centres.Each vehicle must pass our inspection test before joining RB platform. We have partner with registered road worthy vehicle testers.

Driver Profiles

When your job request accepted by the driver, you’ll get a notification of their name, license plate number, photo, and rating-so you know who’s picking you up.

Share Trip Info

Once you on your trip you able to share your live trip info include your pickup and drop off and driver, car details with your family and friends with just push of button by email, message or on social media.

Safe Ride, Safe Drive

All riders and drivers must create an account and provide their name, email address, and phone number before they can request a ride or start drive. This way when you request a ride or you accept a ride, you’ll know who you’re picking up or who is going to provide you drive.

Two-Way Feedback

Rider and Driver rate each other after every trip. We review those ratings to ensure that everyone you ride or drive is respectful as a driver or rider. Drivers or Riders reported to violate our terms of service may be prevented from using our service.

Preferred Driver

At the time of registration as a rider you able to add your male or female preferred driver code if you know any or let your driver register first to get code and later you can enter his code, this way you always get higher chance to get your preferred driver.

Tips For Passengers

  • Respect driver and his job
  • Appreciate his service with small tip if you can.
  • Communicate any change of plans early
  • Respect the driver’s car
  • Use common sense; don’t ever feel obligated to get into a car if you’re uncomfortable
  • Contact law enforcement if you are concerned about your safety

Tips For Drivers

  • Double check that your car insurance and driver’s license are up-to-date
  • Make your passengers feel at home and comfortable
  • Communicate with respect
  • Keep your car clean and well maintained
  • Always select the quickest way or ask rider his preference
  • Introduce yourself, open doors for service
  • Don’t play radio very loud or any own music
  • Well dressed and stay fresh