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RideBoom’s mobile application is very user friendly. With just a few taps your desired transportation will be at your doorstep.

RideBoom Gender Booking

Imagine if there is a rideshare app that enables you to select driver according to their gender suppose you are a female rider or parent of young children and prefer to get a female driver or you don’t self-identify as male or female and you want the same type of driver Now no more imagination the answer is yes you can absolutely with …RideBoom. Do you know that RideBoom is an Australian own app and the first rideshare app in the globe of its own kind who enables gender booking option now?

We strive so hard to make our customers experience worth it with that’s why we added a new amazing feature which allows our riders to select a rider of their choice while making their bookings, so now you can select your rider based on your gender. Isn’t that amazing?

you can select a male or a female or other driver with just push of a button.   

The good thing is a male rider can’t request the female driver and vice versa. But If you don’t select any gender at the time of the booking than any driver of any gender can turn up so its win-win for rider and driver.

RideBoom the gender selection option is a major step toward acceptance for people who don’t self-identify as male or female.

How Gender Booking Work:

– Trip with male driver preference: Only male driver will receive the trip.
– Trip with female driver preference: Only female driver will receive the trip.
– Trip with other driver preference: Only other driver will receive the trip.
– Trip with No Preference driver : Nearby drivers with any gender type will receive the trip.

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Take Advantage of the RideBoom Service


Rider Advantages

  • No Surge pricing
  • Track in App
  • Ride now or Ride later
  • Secure authentication
  • Catering for special needs
  • Enter location manually
  • Use one account for all
  • Book a car from any location
  • Affordable delivery service
  • Pay by Cab Charge
  • Auto fare estimate prior to booking
  • Rate each Driver
  • SMS alerts and notifications
  • Your own preferred drivers
  • Mobile numbers hidden from drivers


Driver Advantages

  • Choose your hours of work
  • Life Long Incentives
  • Advance bookings
  • Extra income from delivery work
  • Get paid for cancelation jobs
  • Rate your rider
  • Secure features


  • Build your own customer base
  • One app for entire area
“I placed my delivery part order at around 11.15am and less than 20 minutes later the car part was at my door! What a wonderful service. Thank you so much and keep up the good work. I will definitely place all orders with delivery boom. [ Best way auto service]”
”We have used and will continue to use Delivery Boom 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are a vital part of our business in Melbourne. I would not hesitate to recommend delivery boom as an efficient, professional organisation who will meet any food delivery needs you may have.” [Lang Lee. Dragon King Chinese take away]”
Lang Lee
”Flowers are the best way to express your love and care to someone. We need to deliver flower 24/7 and delivery boom is the best and most affordable service for us. [ 24/7 flower on lygon]”
Ralph Wilson
”Just want to say congratulations for your innovative and lovely service. I was very impressed with the level of service I received. Got into a car on time using the app and the fare was very affordable compared to other service. Well done RIDEBOOM.”
Michael Peck
Thank you for your professional and affordable service. I can’t believe when I select RideBoom App to book car it cost me less to use the same car, same driver and same service compared to another ride sharing app who charge way more. I personally recommend to everyone to use RideBoom.
Sarah Antic

RideBoom Members & Community


Melbourne Partner

I am single mother of two kids. This job gives me   freedom of my own working hour and now I can look after my kids and I have some extra cash to pay my mortgage. After dropping kids at school, I drive for RideBoom. This is great for me to make some money in my free time.

Sunny Singh

Melbourne Partner

After driving with local cab company who show no respect to drivers at all. I join RideBoom as an RB Lux partner driver now making extra money. This country gives me respect and RideBoom give the job and support. I am now my own boss.


Geelong Partner

I drive with RideBoom part time. I am a school teacher and bring many clients on board with RideBoom and now I make money in incentives even when I no drive. This is just wonderful platform for my self as a rider and driver.


Canberra Partner

I love to drive with RideBoom I don’t want to take social security payments and I am helping our economy. This is a great platform for people like me.


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