RB Eco – Tap in app

The most affordable ride for everyone. If you looking for a Reliable, Comfortable and Affordable service with good pricing for quick out and about trips, to work, university or other short trips, then RB ECO is a good service to choose. Hassle-free, cashless transactions. Hop in, hop out, and have a great day. Our services are designed to cater to everyone, corporate professionals, families, students and regular commuters. Ride and save money. We have clear and transparent pricing with no surge pricing. Never argue with a driver again about a fare. Be confident and assured of what you are being charged for! Economy and Town cars are budget options for everyday commuting needs when you need a quick but stylish car to arrive at your doorstep. Ride in a stylish private car, better than a taxi, but budget friendlier compared to a Luxury Limousine. This is great ride without going over-board. You can rely on an ECONOMY RIDE to take you where you need to go in fine style, safely, on time and within your budget.

  • The affordable option to get from one point to another.
  • The low-cost ride for every day travel.
  • No surge pricing.
  • Book in advance.

Affordable Premium Luxury & Fixed Fare

RideBoom Best is fixed-fare ride service. Basically, a new flat-fare program may help you save and to give our riders an even more affordable everyday ride option in a premium luxury car.
Enjoy your ride in Premium Luxury Cars with RideBoom best Service. Modern premium luxury cars offer more comfortability and even an experience to ride in the latest premium luxury car of your choice. Flat rates will be available through RideBoom application.
Traditional taxi surcharges such as midnight and week end, Peak charges no longer apply to RideBoom fares. Passengers’ trip fares, excluding toll charges added at the end of the journey, are reflected on the booking screen, giving them full knowledge and certainty of their trip fares before making their bookings.

  • You don’t pay for any abnormal waiting time.
  • There are no extra charges for traffic jams.
  • Lower fares and luxury premium cars.
  • No Surge pricing.

RB Lux – Travel in style

This is usually the preferred option for business, frequent travellers and corporate clients. You can request a RideBoom lux car with just the push of a button. You can select Cab Charge or credit card payment options prior to booking . All RB Lux drivers must have a commercial licence before becoming a RideBoom Lux partner driver. Each car goes through our safety inspection procedure before they can join RideBoom. When you request a partner driver, you’ll see their name, license plate number, photo, and rating. You can also contact them or call them from our app however we hide your number for your privacy. You will know who’s picking you up ahead of time. After the trip, you’re able to contact your driver if you’ve left something behind.

  • Most popular for business travel.
  • Extra black luxury to travel in style.
  • Heading out for special occasions or pleasure.
  • Travel in style with no surge pricing.


Luxury four wheel cars .Going to catch a flight with family or you have some extra bags this is wonderful option to select . Stadium seating gives everybody unspoiled views, with head, leg and shoulder room that are among the best in class and full-size seats for up to seven adults.Luxury seamless drive. Whether you’re zipping through the city streets or heading out for the great party, prepare yourself to be moved like king.

  • More spacious and extra leg room.
  • Flexible seating arrangements .
  • Safest cars on road.
  • Affordable luxury rides like king.

Silver Cabs – Silver service cabs

With just the push of a button you will able to get access to largest network of luxury cars. Your request goes to the nearest cab. Ride now or Ride later, you have the freedom to select a pick up time to suit your needs. You can view an ETA, track the cab on your phone, contact your driver by voice or SMS. For rider’s safety and privacy we redirect both calls and text messages so that your phone number doesn’t appear. No matter what suburb or area you live you won’t have to rely on a local cab company nor need to keep each cab company’s numbers. Just use our easy to use app to get a cab in your area, any time, anywhere. You can also share your trip with your loved ones and choose to place an advance booking. Silver service taxi rides are friendly, manageable, economical and convenient.

  • Silver service luxury clean cars.
  • Need some comfort and extra space.
  • Less wait times than usual taxis.
  • No more waiting in a phone queue.
  • Rate your driver.

RB Mini Bus

RB mini bus service intended primarily to shuttle passengers between two fixed points. But are usually short or medium distance journeys.
All large vans and mini buses are eligible for this service, they able to carry and hold maximum 13 seat passengers and around same number of bags. The comprehensive range of vehicles allows you and your organisation to tailor your journey to suit your needs. All mini buses are fitted with seat belts for extra safety.

  • Best for airport transfers
  • Sports, party transfers
  • Weeding guest transfers
  • Affordable rides for more riders

RB Aid Van

Our well trained professional RB Aid Van drivers can assist riders into vehicles and can accommodate folding wheelchairs, walkers and scooters. Please note at this stage our RB Aid Van partner drivers are unable to process concession travel cards like MPTP. You first have to register with rideboom using a credit card. We are working on being able to accept the other concession type cards in the very near future.

  • If you’re looking for a car service that’ll not only provides wheelchair accessibility for you or your loved ones.
  • Going out in group of eight for a party or function.
  • If you have extra luggage for airport travel.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Vans

Accessible RB wheel chair are available throughout Melbourne. These vans can carry one mobility scooter (provided it can be secured in the vehicle) or two wheelchairs.

How to book an accessible RB wheel chair or Van:

  • Log into RideBoom and select AID (wheel chair). You are able to see the nearest car if available.
  • Press Next to make a booking, type in your pickup address and drop off address.
  • To get more availability of RB wheel chairs try to book a car in advance by selecting the ride later option.

Riders With Guide Dog

“RideBoom and our partner drivers recognise how important these loyal and hardworking animals are to their vision or hearing impaired handlers. We believe that they have equal access rights like the rest of us!
Assistance animals such as guide dogs are accepted by all RideBoom partner drivers for carriage within the car. (Any other animals are not permitted in any RideBoom partner driver cars and drivers can refuse a request for them to be carried.)

DeliveryBoom – food, parcels, presents.

Your private courier service!

When you are running a business time and money is very important. You need to save both to run your business in a healthy way. DeliveryBoom is going to provide you with the cheapest delivery service. The minimum fare of any delivery is $6.00. You can track your delivery using our app so that you and your customers can always see exactly where your DeliveryBoom driver is on the map. This visibility helps both partner driver and customers to ensure easy pickups and drop-offs. No more hectic or angry phone calls from customers! With DeliveryBoom you will have peace of mind.

In the city of Melbourne there are thousands of restaurants. Many of them are award-winning providing unique styles of cuisine. Many also offer takeaway however not all of them deliver and those that do generally service only their local area. This leaves people wanting food delivered from outside their locality quite restricted, having to either make the trip to their favourite restaurant themselves, or settle for getting food from restaurants that do deliver. The result is a considerable gap between demand and supply, and so far, nobody appears to have adequately addressed that gap both here in Melbourne and in many other cities around the globe. The obvious solution is an unrestricted delivery service that delivers takeaway orders regardless of where you are or which suburb you live in. Enter DeliveryBoom

Restaurants owners and food outlets can use DeliveryBoom to deliver food to customers simply by registering as a rider or RideBoom customer.

Your private courier service!

  • Select the ‘ready now’ delivery car option from the app if the meal is ready to go.
  • Select ‘ride later’ if the meal is not ready and you want to arrange a pickup later.
  • The selected driver will collect the food in a RB bag. Make sure there is parking space available or the driver will call you to handover the food to him once he is in front of the premises.
  • Track your DeliveryBoom driver on our app to track the food delivery to the customer.

DeliveryBoom for home delivery

You can use DeliveryBoom to collect up a meal, pizza, dinner whatever you like. It’s much cheaper than other delivery services and if you choose you can jump in a car to pickup your delivery yourself.

You can use DeliveryBoom to pick up flowers and deliver to someone you love or pickup small presents and drop them at your lpreferred destination.

  • Once your delivery is ready, use the RideBoom app and select DeliveryBoom.
  • Type in the pickup address and drop off address.
  • Track your DeliveryBoom driver on the app.

Small to medium businesses can use DeliveryBoom for parcels, parts, documents. 24/7 no extra charge

Are you running a small business like a garage, shop or office and you need a delivery service? RB partner drivers pick up and deliver! The DeliveryBoom option offers a cost effective, reliable service, backed up by the latest technology including in app parcel and driver track and trace facilities. RideBoom DeliveryBoom courier services are the ideal choice for small to medium sized businesses.

Fast & Secure · Door-To-Door Delivery any time of the day with no extra surcharges on weekends or at night. Our driver partners will be there to pick up and drop your DeliveryBoom parcels.


24/7 same pricing day, night, weekday or weekend

  • DeliveryBoom is available whenever and wherever. You can make requests for delivery pickups and drop offs 24/7 with just a touch of a button in the RideBoom app. Just select Delivery.
  • Very low cost delivery. Driver only carry one delivery at a time to ensure you get the delivery on time.
  • No need to worry about the location the driver. You can see the location of your driver on the map in App.
  • Give instructions directly to your DeliveryBoom driver, track and communicate any changes to delivery drop locations.