The road to success is paved with challenges and hardship

They say it is never an easy thing to reach success. You start out with a lot of hope and enthusiasm, and end up seeing that not everything is nice and pink in the business environment. But, this doesn’t mean that you should stop trying to pursue your dream, regardless of what is going to happen or what happened already. Let me tell you about the birth of RIDEBOOM, because I want to show you that perseverance and the power to stand up after life threw a hit at you, are two main abilities needed to continue the road towards success.

As a young person, I managed to complete my law degree, and continued my education in business marketing. But, as any student with modest possibilities, I needed money to pay my fees, so I ended up working as a part time taxi and hire car driver. This helped me earn some money, but it also gave me the opportunity to talk to a lot of people, who where my customers and worked as bankers, financial advisors, marketing experts, and business advisors. This way, I learned a lot for free, receiving a great number of valuable pieces of advice from professionals with experience in the field.

So, it wasn’t long until I started to create the base of my own business, buying hire cars and taxis. It was not easy, and I knew that, but I did my best to keep on going, having a clear vision in my head. I wanted my business to be different, because I think that the future of drivers is not secure, customer safety is not as it should be, vehicle for special needs and 24/7 affordable parcel delivery service plus many other issues that I wanted to take care of in my company. I also wanted to develop something that connects the driver directly with the passenger with the sole push of a button have a dream about how the hire cars and taxi business should work, and I don’t want to let it go. I want to offer people outstanding services in this domain and I am more than ready to work hard and do whatever it takes to make this happen.

I have always been in the transport hire car and taxi industry, having more than 19 years of experience in the field. I know what it takes to be competitive in the retail and automotive industries, always having the primary focus on exceeding expectations in customer service delivery, while ensuring optimum target achievement. I practically grew up in this business sector, my family running a transport business, so I can say that I know this field inside out, with all its good and bad. You can also simply book a Ride Now or Ride Later that meets your schedule. As per the advantage of our service, there is a wide choice of cars such as RB lux, RB delivery, RB van, RB premium taxi and RB eco to choose from. Thus, you can choose any of those cars that suit your taste and preference.

Harry Malhi [Harminder Malhi]


Mr. Harry MalhiCEO & Founder
“Our intention is to continue to listen to our passengers, partner drivers, communities we serve and make our service the very best in the business.”
AlexMelbourne Operations Manager
“we will continue to build on our technology to make safe Rides available for our users“