The city of Melbourne has become one of the most popular tourist hubs across Australia and thousands of tourists come to here every month. The best mode for you to visit the beautiful city is via hiring a cab and there are many reliable operators that can help you out in this task. You can make a check into some of the best ones by going online and searching for the Melbourne cabs. You will get plenty of options but you must look into the features to make sure that you hire for. To help you further, here is a look at some of the features of the taxi services available at Melbourne:

Track your vehicle:

This is one of the most amazing features that make it easier for you to get on the boarding spot on the right time. You can install the app of your service provider and track the exact location of your taxi along with the time that it will take to reach you to be there on time.

At the same time, when you are riding in the cab, then also you can make use of this feature to make sure that the driver is taking the right route and has no evil intentions. It is especially very helpful for the female tourists that make them feel safe and at the same time comfortable while in a taxi.

Online fare calculation:

This is another part about the service that is going to impress you very much. You just need to enter your source and destination along with the vehicle of your choice and you will get the best prices for your ride. Taxi fare calculator Melbourne will provide you with the charges of different vehicles so that you can make the best choice and have no any dispute with the driver over the fare.

Most of the drivers try to loot the tourists and extract more money from them even for smaller distances. But with these apps, this is no more a problem as you know the price that you need to pay. At the same time, you can also opt for the prepaid taxi so that you need not to pay the driver at all. The auto fare estimation also allows you to arrange for the money before you take the ride as you know the exact amount that you need to pay for your ride.