RideBoom has just launched the Rideshare App with unique contents in Brisbane. It is going to be the first rideshare app with gender booking in the world.

Nowadays, fast and safe transportation is highly needed due to the high mobility of people in the modern era. RideBoom takes the challenge and creates an application in which people can book a car and deliver the parcel in many convenient ways. The company has just announced a new and unique application called Rideshare. This Aussie Rideshare APP will be beneficial both for the customers and the drivers.

For the riders, they will be able to book a car from any location in Australia. The company also provides affordable rides with no surge pricing required. The other benefits to enjoy by the riders are SMS alerts and notification, track in-app, secure authentication, and much more.

Meanwhile, the advantages can be enjoyed by the drivers are the chance to choose preferable working hours, build a customer base, lifelong incentives, etc. One of the main features of the application is RideBoom Gender Booking in which the customers can choose their own preferable drivers based on gender.

To enjoy the company’s services, the customers only need to download RideBoom App on their Android or iOS and then choose the location and destination place by using the online map provided. One account can be used for all of the services available. There will be also a list of vehicle types include Silver Cabs, RB Lux, RB Delivery, RB Eco, and much more than the riders can pick. The nearest driver shown on the map will pick the rider along with the estimated time.

”We have used and will continue to use Delivery Boom 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are a vital part of our business in Melbourne. I would not hesitate to recommend delivery boom as an efficient, professional organization who will meet any food delivery needs you may have,” Lang Lee – Dragon King Chinese take away.

“Thank you for your professional and affordable service. I can’t believe when I select RideBoom App to book car it cost me less to use the same car, same driver and same service compared to other ride-sharing apps who charge way more. I personally recommend to everyone to use RideBoom,” said Sarah Antic.

About Company
RideBoom is an Australian company that primary focus is offering iOS application and Android for booking a car. The company’s services also include parcel delivery. The ride-sharing application provided will allow people to save time and the customers will be taken to the destination place on time. For more information about RideBoom, please visit www.rideboom.com.