Based in Melbourne, RideBoom is fast emerging as a preferred app of riders to have a comfortable ride at an affordable price.

 The transportation needs are increasing rapidly in the 21st century. The landscape is transforming with the rising popularity of mobile apps that are facilitating riders to book a car or taxi from anywhere and anytime with just push of button. RideBoom is a multitask mobile app that works on the identical principle but is different from other key players in the industry by the virtue of its advantages. According to Harry Malhi, founder of RideBoom Technologies, “The drivers are all suffering. Their level of income is going down day-by- day, they are looking for support.” He is confident that RideBoom offers this much-needed support with this app, drivers are the most privileged partners. They have the opportunity to enjoy attractive incentives by customer referral, and other referrals. RideBoom will not only offer passengers a large selection of vehicles, but guarantee uniform and transparent pricing, with no additional surcharges during periods of high demand.

 The App offers advantages to the riders for choosing its services and these are the following ones:

  • Ride Now or Ride Later
  • Wider choice of cars
  • Affordable rides include parcel service
  • Time booking to book a ride – Half an hour to 7 days in advance
  • Availability of preferred and professional drivers to ensure a safe ride
  • Uniform pricing, i.e. cost-effective and no extra charges
  • Riders able to pay by cab charge

Moreover, the riders do not need to worry about carrying cash during their ride or about giving tips to the drivers because they can make the entire payment via the RideBoom app. It is also ensuring that drivers cannot have a view of the contact numbers of riders by the use of cutting-edge technology. Riders can choose from a range of vehicles by using the app such as RB Eco, RB Lux, Silver cabs, RB Aid Van, and RB Delivery. Of these, the RB Aid Van is well equipped to carry riders with their wheelchairs.

The company is currently planning to add more services and extending them to many cities in Australia. Within coming weeks RideBoom going to reframed the whole app with extra features and more friendly user platform for both drivers and riders.

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