Melbourne and Geelong riders just got a brand new way to avail of RideBoom’s safe, reliable, and significantly valuable service to drive them whenever and to wherever they need.

Riders can now book their trips along with their chosen cars online through RideBoom’s website

This effective, efficient, and convenient new option is an added feature to the already user-friendly mobile app where travelers easily booked their rides. Aside from their mobile phones and other portable gadgets, Rideboom riders can now conveniently find drivers and book rides online to take them wherever their destinations are. Just like the mobile app’s easy-to-use interface, passengers can just open the site in their browsers to select their destination and pick-up locations, choose from Rideboom’s list of vehicles, see the nearest driver in the online map with the estimated pick-up time, and complete the booking process to connect with their driver in real time.

Along with other convenience and safety service features, RideBoom takes pride in having a uniform pricing, with no surge charging during peak periods. The company also assures its riders of its pricing transparency, ensuring every passenger that no hidden fees or charges will be in effect.

With many years of experience in the industry, RideBoom is also known for its wide range in rider service through their menu of vehicles. From the most affordable RB Eco to the stylish tailored-for-business RB Lux affordable chauffeur cars and the luxurious Silver Cabs, every passenger gets a suitable car according to their needs.

RideBoom Aid Vans are also available for those with special needs for assistance!

With the added online website booking option, riders will be sure of making their reservations at all times.

You can likewise download RideBoom App from Google Play and AppStore. Whatever choice of getting your ride may be, riders are assured that RideBoom adheres to their mission of delivering safe, reliable, and great value for their service.

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