Apps that allow people to find a ride, as an alternative to taxis, is a flexible, more affordable, and comfortable way to get around. The RideBoom app, developed by RideBoom Technologies Pty Ltd, a company founded by Harry Malhi in Australia, is one of the apps that promote such services. In fact, in Australia, RideBoom may be one of the best apps you can use for this purpose, considering that a large number of features it provides. As a matter of fact, the app’s creators just launched a brand new feature for RideBoom, something that you cannot find in any other app of the kind out there. What’s this new feature all about? Well, it allows you to select the desired gender of the driver that will take you to your destination.

Although it may sound sexist, it is not, because having a female driver, for example, inspires more security and comfort for some clients. Let us think about parents that would like to have a ride for their children, but are not able to accompany the children during their ride. Thus, they may like to have the option of choosing a female driver when looking to have their children picked up from school, for instance. Female drivers are known to drive more carefully and with more precaution than men. Plus, the fact that female drivers can join RideBoom and earn an extra income by providing rides is a clear sign that the app and the company that developed it makes no gender discrimination whatsoever. All drivers that appreciate this kind of service and have a car they would like to use are more than welcome to join in. This is more an option that is meant to enhance the comfort and safety of clients, by respecting their personal requirements.

So, let us take a closer look at how this feature is working. The app will use a gender selection algorithm, which means that as a client, you will be able to select the gender of the driver that will receive your ride request. Thus, you can select only male drivers to receive the trip request, only women to receive your request, only other drivers to receive the request, or no preference driver, which means that it doesn’t matter what gender your driver will have. A good characteristic of this feature is that male riders cannot select the only female driver option and the other way around. This adjustment was made to provide safety for female drivers and female riders.

If you are a woman and you’re not feeling too safe with a male driver, due to the fact that you don’t know the person, RideBoom gives you the chance to select female drivers only when looking to get a trip fast and easy. In case you are a man and would prefer a male driver to take you to your destination, you now have this option at your disposal and if you come under other sex gender you can request other gender driver. The main mission of this app is to make rides safer and more convenient for each customer.

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