Good news for our riders and potential riders. We are glad to inform you of our new car type service named RideBoom Best.

RideBoom is launching fixed-fare ride pricing in Melbourne. Basically, a new flat-fare program may help you save and to give our riders an even more affordable everyday ride option in a premium luxury car.

This is a great deal if you use RideBoom App. RideBoom Best will begin offering the new car type of service with Premium Luxury Cars of current models only and with a fixed fare.

RideBoom partner drivers said the new option would help get more rides, adding that passengers would benefit as they do not have to pay more during traffic jams and extra charges because of cashless payments. RideBoom Best will offer a fixed pricing service.

RideBoom driver, 27, who identified himself as Mr. Walters, made mention that this new service really benefits only passengers as they come to check and compare fares among all booking applications.

Enjoy your ride in Premium Luxury Cars with RideBoom best Service. Modern premium luxury cars offer more comfortability and even an experience to ride in the latest premium luxury car of your choice. Flat rates will be available through RideBoom application for RB Best car.

No additional charges will be imposed the Riders and riders not allowed to change the destination point or makes unplanned stops along the way.

You can start booking your premium luxury car through the app or through our website. Let’s ride on this journey. The RideBoom Best service is to help continue to listen to our passengers, communities we serve and make our service the very best in the business.

Traditional taxi surcharges such as midnight and week end, Peak charges no longer apply to RideBoom fares. Passengers’ trip fares, excluding toll charges added at the end of the journey, are reflected on the booking screen, giving them full knowledge and certainty of their trip fares before making their bookings. The riders able to book RideBoom best car from Melbourne airport as well.

Mr. Harry Malhi Founder and CEO at RideBoom said.

“The riders able to see the fixed fare prior to making any booking our riders will love traffic jams. No surge everything is transparent. RideBoom will try to provide best rides at very lowest price possible.”

Enjoy our new service RB Best with fixed fares and transparent pricing with no hidden charges.

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