Unlocking more deserving opportunities for all women and non-binary individuals with RideBoom

RideBoom is a unique multitask rideshare app and early this year launched in Tri-city India. It’s the brainchild of an Indian-born Australian Mr. Malhi. The reason that RideBoom gain its place in the crowded rideshare market is because of the safety features and working opportunities for the women.

In the words of Mr. Malhi

“We feel great today to see that others are now following on our safety features the gender selection which was introduced by the RideBoom from the start and

It is amazing to see that others are learning from us.”

This is huge positive feedback for a start-up like RideBoom which introduced the red alert safety button and the driver gender selection in their app and now the major players in the market like uber are adding these features.

We strive so hard to make our customer’s experience worth it that’s why we added an amazing new feature that allows our riders to select a rider of their choice while making their bookings, so now you can select your rider based on your gender. Isn’t that amazing?

you can select a male or a female or another driver with just a push of a button.

The good thing is a male rider can’t request a female driver and vice versa. But If you don’t select any gender at the time of the booking then any driver of any gender can turn up so it’s a win-win for rider and driver.

RideBoom the gender selection option is a major step toward acceptance for people who don’t self-identify as male or female.

How Gender Booking Work:

– Trip with male driver preference: The only male driver will receive the trip.

– Trip with female driver preference: The only female driver will receive the trip.

– Trip with other driver preference: Only other drivers will receive the trip.

– Trip with No Preference driver: Nearby drivers with any gender type will receive the trip.


Not only will this feature provide women and other driver-partners with more choice over the rides they accept, but it can provide them with more confidence to choose to drive during peak earning hours of the day, such as in the evening or on the weekends.

RideBoom is still a bootstrap company and an example to others who are now following and adding the same features in the app that you have to be transparent with the users and you can still gain the market support regardless of huge backup funds.


To know more about RideBoom please go to www.rideboom.com

Or download the free app from the play store or App store