RideBoom For Business                    

Pre-book your car whenever you have a late night shift. Our partner driver will be there to pick you up and drop you off at home in a safe and secure car. Every business needs to move with times. RideBoom will help your business to move fast at low cost.

We are able to accommodate all requests and are able to fulfil a range of businesses and company travel transportation needs and at a very low-level costing. RideBoom has an affordable ride for every business need. Use the RB Eco option as a cheaper option for your daily business travel. Staying or finishing late at night don’t worry RideBoom will provide you with secure and safe cars around the clock. You can choose a Ride now or Ride later option. Boost your business with RideBoom.

One Account For All Company Travel, Easy To Monitor

Once you are registered as a corporate client you are able to access our web portal admin panel. From there your staff member who looks after your company travel accounts is able to request either ride now or ride later trips.

You can view the types of cars available in your area and select the car that best suits your needs. You can also request delivery drivers to collect the parcel from your doorstep or warehouse and track the car on the map in-app.

We run monthly billing cycles to clear all accounts.

  • Save money on travel bills.
  • Book and manage your bookings.
  • Track your drivers.
  • Affordable billing solutions.
  • Select your own cars and drivers.
  • Very affordable parcel delivery.

Clear View

Distinguishability into Travel Expenditure

You can Keep track of all ride receipts and gain insight into your team’s travel on your RideBoom corporate Business portal. Retrieving where and when your team is travelling allows you to create a cost-cutting plan on business travel. You even able to send request for ride for your team members or guest.

Save time & cost

Quick Travel Expense Reporting

Give your team the best experience of rides. Your team no longer needs to worry about tracking receipts or submitting expense reports. You able to access all travel receipts and trip details any time.

Amaze your business partners and customers

It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages amaze all your customers.Amaze all your customers with RideBoom service. You can build devotion to your business customers without expensive overhead.

Set your business ride policies

Through our RideBoom for Business portal, you can set ride policies on when and where your team can use RideBoom for their business rides.

Control everything from a single platform

The Corporate Employee’s App For Your Team


Once you sign up your business as a corporate client with RideBoom. You will become one of the corporate account holders of RideBoom. From your corporate account panel now, you able to manage all corporate trips for your small or large business.

All your corporate employees now able to login in the corporate app by adding them in your RideBoom corporate business travel account and they able to get work-related rides with the RideBoom corporate app. They’ll get affordable rides with the RideBoom corporate app.

Do you run or own a large business and got a team of people or employees who travel for work with taxis and cars on a regular basis then you must keep a track of all travel expenses and track records, travel receipts which are very time and money consuming exercise? Relax now RideBoom got a solution for you by introducing RideBoom Corporate app for business clients. once your business signup for the RideBoom corporate accounts your all employees who use cars and taxis for travel get access to the corporate app and able to book cars anywhere anytime with just push of a button.

Now you got access to Rideboom corporate business app portal 

  • You can Keep track of all ride
  • You create a cost-cutting plan for business travel
  • Your team no longer needs to worry about tracking receipts or submitting expense reports
  • You can build devotion to your business customers without expensive overhead
  • you can set ride policies on when and where your team can use RideBoom for their business rides

Let’s RideBoom today.

contact Rideboom for more information how to setup RideBoom corporate account.

        Email: corp@rideboom.com

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Looking to RideBoom your company?

Our company employees use cabs all the time and it was very hard to monitor their travel expenses, now with RideBoom, we can keep an eye on all our travel expenses.
Our guest always needs a clean car and professional driver once they finish their dinner and now with RideBoom, they face any problem.
I always use RideBoom for my self and for my younger daughter, with driver gender selection I feel very secure to travel with a female driver at night and for my daughter after uni. It is a great service.
”Just want to say congratulations for your innovative and lovely service and affordable rides Well done RIDEBOOM.”
Thank you for your professional and affordable service. we can’t believe how we reduce and control the expenses of our company travels. we personally, recommend to everyone to use RideBoom.