Why Ride with RideBoom?

For the best booking car service that brings ease and convenience, it is essential pushing a button on the mobile app, RideBoom. This one is now introduced to you for your optimum comfort.
Through this mobile app, the best booking experience is provided for your guaranteed satisfaction as a traveller.

➢ Safe Drivers
➢ No more worrying about returning late from work. RideBoom registers only commercial drivers with clean police records.
➢ Advance Booking
➢ Need to catch an early morning flight? With RideBoom you can book your car well in advance. With RideBoom you can sleep well.
➢ Uniform Pricing
➢ When demand outstrips supply RideBoom does not increase fares. Our policy is not to hold customers to ransom WHEN THEY NEED US MOST.
➢ Choices
➢ You can select the gender of the driver
➢ RideBoom is the one app that can handle all your car booking needs

Gender Booking 

You are going to get free rides subject to availability, affordable rides, driver gender selection, own preferred driver, book online and many features.

Sorry, we don’t have surge price or peak off-peak rates, no rider auction. Your driver knows exactly where to go.. The seamless way to get through your everyday travel needs. RideBoom driver-partners are available 24/7 to provide you with wonderful service. You can select cars from a wide range of options. Driver Gender booking is just one of the features that we have in place to ensure you have safe travel experience.

Imagine if there is a rideshare app that enables you to select the driver according to their gender suppose you are a female rider or parent of young children and prefer to get a female driver or you don’t self-identify as male or female and you want the same type of driver Now no more imagination the answer is yes you can absolutely with …RideBoom. Do you know that RideBoom is an Australian own app and the first rideshare app in the globe of its own kind who enables gender booking option now?

We strive so hard to make our customers experience worth it with that’s why we added a new amazing feature which allows our riders to select a rider of their choice while making their bookings, so now you can select your rider based on your gender. Isn’t that amazing?

you can select a male or a female or other driver with just push of a button.

The good thing is a male rider can’t request the female driver and vice versa. But If you don’t select any gender at the time of the booking than any driver of any gender can turn up so it’s win-win for rider and driver.

RideBoom the gender selection option is a major step toward acceptance for people who don’t self-identify as male or female.

Collect Credits

Riders will get credits from each ride and they able to use or share these credits for the next ride.

Privacy Safe

RideBom doesn’t monitor riders activity before and after the rides.

Ride Safer

Added security number masking technology, share ride info with loved ones, red alert panic button