RB AID – We Saves Lives

RB AID is a user-friendly way to request and track ambulances with just a push of a button close to you. RB AID transfer can be from a residential address, a nursing home, from an accident location, or a hospital.
Please note RideBoom do not own or operate any ambulance vehicle’s we just connect the person or patient to the nearest available ambulance.
RideBoom offer a caring solution through App in this often-difficult time. We are aware that booking an ambulance is not something that most people do on a day-to-day basis, so we have to try to provide a quick and easy way to book an ambulance when you need it.

RideBoom with partner drivers was incepted to deliver comprehensive, speedy, service with just a push of a button.


With GPS based technology platform for fast and reliable quick medical attention.
With increasing importance on promoting independent living today and having access to the nearest ambulance when you or anyone needs medical attention, RB AID can provide much-needed peace of mind in an emergency.
You do not have to rely on the phone or keep waiting on the phone while you need an ambulance.
You do not have to keep asking the driver about his location or far he is it’s all trackable in the app.
You can call the driver from the app.


Q: Can I travel with my relative or friend in the ambulance?
A: We encourage a relative or friend to travel with the patient to make this difficult time an easier experience.
Q: Can I take any luggage with me?
A: Within reason, this is no problem, please let the driver know if you wish to take a suitcase with you when you book the ambulance.
Q: How much will it cost?
A: That will depend on the amount of time the transfer takes and how far you need to transfer the patient. You can get the fare estimate before making your booking.
Q: How do I pay?
A: You can select the payment option from the app either you can pay cash to the driver or pay by card.
Q: What if the patient needs picking up from an upstairs bedroom or a difficult to access location?
A: We pride our drivers’ partner on being able to help the patient transfer to the ambulance in a safe and dignified manner however challenging the first few meters of the journey are. We would always ask you to explain any such difficulties directly to the driver.
Q. Will the ambulance take me to the hospital of my choice?
A. User can choose any Hospital or drop-off location, the user gets to fill, pick up and drop off details on the app.
Q. Does RideBoom cover medical insurance?
A. No we are not an insurance company. We are just providing the convenience to book an ambulance with a push of a button. Ambulance transportation coverage varies from an insurance policy to policy. It is important to review your coverage and understand the limitations and requirements of your coverage.
Q. Will, I will be charged if I cancel a request for an ambulance before being picked up?
A. You may or may not be charged for canceling a booking, please check our cancelation policy.
Q. RideBoom owned ambulance vehicles?
A. No we don’t own or operate any ambulance vehicles.
Q. Do all ambulances carry all types of equipment?
A. we try our best to ensure that each ambulance carries the necessary equipment with them we highly encourage you to ask the driver before jumping into the ambulance