Eligibility & Vehicle Requirements

A driver drives a vehicle that he or she owns or drive for someone. Requirements vary by city, but there are a few minimum requirements:

  • Driving License                              

  • Vehicle Registration

  • Vehicle Insurance

  • Vehicle Permit

  • Owner name

  • Police check

Meets the following driver history requirements:

  • No licence suspensions periods’ in the past 3 years.
  • No drug or alcohol infractions in the past 10 years.
  • Have no offences on your police record of any crime or traffic offence.

Car Requirements

  • Have 4 doors or more and
  • Be able to seat four passengers
  • Be less than 10 years old and;
  • Be registered
  • No decals or commercial branding
  • No damage panels
  • You fit to work and able to lift 20 KG

Required Documents

  • Your driver’s licence of the state or place where you want to drive
  • Your permit certificate
  • Your car insurance certificate (you must be a listed driver; it needs a valid expiry)
  • If you already a ride share driver , we will get you on the road immediately!Any other documents required in the state or territory you plan to drive in
    • Must be a forward-facing, centred photo including the driver’s full face and top of shoulders, with no sunglasses
    • Must be a photo only of the driver with no other subject in the frame, well-lit, and in focus. It cannot be a driver’s license photo or other printed photograph

For vehicle information, Please check vehicle requirements for each city under where we rideboom cities information area.

What is the driver code and the benefit of driver code?

Driver code is the key for extra earning and secures your future. Through RideBoom you become connected to millions of customers who can book your services with the touch of a button on their smartphone. Due to the vast network of clients, you will be in great demand around the clock.

The most important and rewarding feature of RideBoom is our unique referral Scheme. To get the full benefits you need to recommend to your new and existing Customers and Drivers to download RideBoom App and enter your Driver Code in the ‘preferred driver’ section of the RideBoom rider app at the time of registration.

You can forward your driver code by text, email, what’s app or any other communication method to as many riders as you like. But you can’t do this with RideBoom owned riders.

As they do so you will instantly become the preferred driver for these customers and drivers and they become permanently attached to you in our system. When your attached Customers use RideBoom anywhere in the world, you will earn incentives even when you no drive you will earn.

This allows you to work locally while earning globally!

So, as you drive, and even if you take a holiday or decide to hang up the boots, your attached customers and drivers will continue to generate income for you in the long term.


Your days of driving mile after mile in search of customers are now over. By using RideBoom, customers locate you easily and book your services. You save time, fuel, cost, and get bookings instantly.


RideBoom helps you to connect with thousands of customers. At all times you are connected to many potential passengers who can book your services. More customers mean more income. RideBoom helps you to multiply your earnings. You earn while relaxing as well

Be smart like how many riders you pick up every day if they start download app with your driver code you going to have many regular permanent riders.

RideBoom – Your Destination to Financial Independence

How many times have you wanted to quit your 9 to 5 job in pursuit of financial independence? Well, it is time you have it by signing up to RideBoom as a driver and secure your future by having Driver Incentives.

What is RideBoom, anyway, and why join it?

RideBoom is a peer-to-peer taxi/delivery/ride-sharing company. This might lead you into thinking that it is much like other rideshare apps.


Here’s the thing:

In some respects, it is for sure just like another app, but since it has been launched later, RideBoom has some dazzling features that the former lacks. Even, we have managed to eliminate some of the glitches that have been haunting others. So, summing up everything in a sentence, RideBoom is less of a gimmick and more a personal business opportunity for drivers like you.

Let us see how.


Secure Future

We talked about this at the start. It can be thought that owning your own business cannot secure your business in a better way as there are no pensions and no incentives for the latter life. That might be true for some, but as we’ve created a pure system of incentives, we offer you an opportunity to save more for the latter endeavors.

This is particularly what makes us stand out and help people like you grow.


How does that happen?

Our system allows you to be your own boss, manage your business like a pro, and be self-reliant. When you start doing that, you start earning more, and in the long-run, you save more.

As you can see, each and every step in your career with us is interlinked, and we provide an environment for you to carry them out in their utmost manner. Thus, what you are left with at the end is a secure future as we take care of all the pitfalls, which you might have experienced by using other services.

Due to the freedom we’ve allowed, our drivers are reaping undeniable fruits. And once you join them, you’d be a part of our community and you’d, too, see your life being transformed from the ground up.

Driver Incentives

So many P2P ride-sharing companies out there advertise themselves on the basis of their driver incentives. Because this may help them achieve greater exposure. However, in the long run, what happens is that all of those claims turn out to be nothing, but a time-trap. Your incentives are delayed, and sometimes you’re asked to fulfill certain impossible tasks to receive them.

Eliminating all these barriers, we’ve been able to attract a record number of drivers and retain those who are already working with us.

This could be your chance to get all the following perks we grant to our drivers.

Driver Code

One of the greatest features of RideBoom is its referral system. Much like it sounds, it is your reward house. All you’d have to do is refer RideBoom to riders and drivers alike and earn income indirectly from their engagement with our services.

Below is how it works:

  1. You refer RideBoom to drivers or riders.
  2. Once they install the app, you can ask them to enter your Driver Code (the code associated with your account) in the “preferred driver” section.
  3. After that, you’d become eligible to receive monetary benefits from their usage of our services.

This process of driver incentives secures your future as you get to earn even if you don’t drive or when you take an off-day. You can, of course, double and triple your incentives by referring the app to many people.

We guess you still need some clarification on the way your future is secured. Let’s plunge deeper.


“Work locally and earn globally.

We have thoughts of expanding our services to possibly every country. What does this have for you? Well, you have a chance of expanding your income by many folds by referring our apps to the global community. This translates in a true sense to working locally and earning globally. Also, all of your referrals are connected to you for as long as you use our app, so even if you stop working locally, you still earn globally – something which could be of help in your future. Savvy, right?


Get rewarded for “empty miles.”

Other services are notorious for empty miles. The drivers using those services get no customers at all even when they drive mile after mile. However, as you might have guessed by now, the driver incentive we talked about above allows you to earn even when you don’t have any customers. Your wasted time is compensated for, and you are left with nothing, but satisfaction.

But wait. By using RideBoom, you wouldn’t have empty miles at all. Our app is designed such that it offers an easy way for your customers to locate you and book you on the spot. The “preferred driver” service mentioned above is already helping many drivers get repeat rides throughout their days.

With that, the total number of registered riders are exceeding our expectations. We are growing day by day. What this means for you is an unlimited number of bookings throughout the day! Savvy, right?

For your future, that means a complete relaxation since you don’t have to worry about rides the next day.

So, this was all about driver incentives and their hand in securing your future.

But the benefits of working with us don’t stop here.


We respect drivers

One of the key drivers of our success are the drivers using our app (see, that rhymes!). Knowing this motivates us to respect and treat them fairly with rewards and weekly electronic payments.


We assist drivers

Why are we the best choice? We are because we assist drivers in finding rides and getting through the city through our turn-by-turn navigation system. our algorithms show you the best possible way to save your time, fuel, and money.

We prefer the best

Driver rating system is one thing. We let our community of riders reach out to the best driver through unique filtering mechanism. With us, riders can choose you based on your gender, referrals, and ratings.


RideBoom is a relatively new peer-to-peer cab and car sharing service, but with its promising features, it is bound to help you grow your business and meet your financial goals quite quickly. So, what are you waiting for? Go here, and register yourself now! Welcome to the family in advance.