What is RB coins?

RB coins are credits that you will get from time to time on each ride or trip you will take with RideBoom.

What is the benefit of RB Coins?

You can use your RB Coins against your next ride or trip with RideBoom regardless of what type of the car you ride with.

How this works?

On each ride, you will get RB Coins and these coins will deduct from your total ride fare and you have to pay the only difference.

Do I get free rides?

Yes if you collect enough RB Coins against your rides with RideBoom and your current ride or trip the amount is less than your RB Coins then, of course, it’s a free ride and you have to pay only the tax.

Can I use my RB Coins to book a ride for others?

Yes, you can book a ride for your friend or a family member and the ride or trip amount difference will be deducted from your RB Coins.

How can I collect more RB Coins?

Take More rides to get more RB Coins, more coins means free rides.

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