“We do the ride thing!“

Let’s RideBoom Foundation


Whenever you ride with RideBoom, you will make a difference. Your ride helps let’s RideBoom Foundation to achieve medical support for children’s. Each ride with RideBoom makes a positive difference to children’s lives.

We support kids and families who are facing many challenges through sickness, disadvantage or living with special needs.

We’re investing in women and girls to help whole communities to lift themselves out of poverty. Violence against women is a significant human rights issue RideBoom always there to help women and children’s.

AS a ride share community, we are trying to help

  • People who are homeless
  • Helping sick children
  • Helping women to achieve their goal in life


Your ride or drive will make a difference. RideBoom riders and drivers together with RideBoom can help people in need by donating to UNICEF. UNICEF is always there helping the needy, be it bringing safe drinking water to people hit by natural disasters, or helping people who are caught up in violent conflicts. When food is scarce UNICEF provide children micronutrients to prevent malnutrition. UNICEF deliver vaccines to stop the spread of disease that too often thrive in the aftermath of disasters. UNICEF responds to hundreds of emergencies each year. When disaster strikes UNICEF teams act quickly to deliver​ life-saving food, clean water, medicine and psychological support to children and families.


Let’s RideBoom Foundation