What is RideBoom?

RideBoom is a ride-sharing company offering services that include peer-to-peer ridesharing, ride service hailing include taxi service ,bike scooter and parcel delivery.

It’s a unique rideshare app that connects the rider with a driver with a push of a button.
Are you trying to reach a destination quickly and not overpay for your ride? Then RideBoom is the right option for you. It’s one of the best systems that you can use right now, and the best part about RideBoom is that it makes ride-sharing fun and accessible. There are lots of great features to like about here, one of them being the uniform pricing. You won’t ever be overcharged, as the platform is all about bringing you fairness and value in a meaningful way.

At the same time, you won’t have to deal with any surge charging during the peak periods.
RideBoom is the platform where fairness and transparency are extremely important. The system is all about offering the process quickly and in a meaningful way. There are tons of unique features that make this RideBoom taxi service platform worthwhile.

RideBoom’s mobile application is very rider friendly. With just a few taps your desired transportation will be at your doorstep.


The Advantage of Ride with RideBoom

RideBoom Secure Travel Option – RideBoom Gender Booking

Imagine if there is a rideshare app that enables you to select driver according to their gender suppose you are a female rider or parent of young children and prefer to get a female driver or you don’t self-identify as male or female and you want the same type of driver Now no more imagination the answer is yes you can absolutely with …RideBoom Taxi App the women safest taxi app. Do you know that RideBoom taxi app is the first rideshare app in the globe of its own kind who enables gender booking option now?

We strive so hard to make our customers experience worth it with that’s why we added a new amazing feature which allows our riders to select a rider of their choice while making their bookings, so now you can select your rider based on your gender with RideBoom rider app. Isn’t that amazing?

you can select a male or a female or other driver with just push of a button.

The good thing is a male rider can’t request the female driver and vice versa. But If you don’t select any gender at the time of the booking than any driver of any gender can turn up so it’s win-win for rider and driver.

RideBoom the gender selection option is a major step toward acceptance for people who don’t self-identify as male or female.

How Gender Booking Work:

– Trip with male driver preference: Only male driver will receive the trip.
– Trip with female driver preference: Only female driver will receive the trip.
– Trip with other driver preference: Only other driver will receive the trip.
– Trip with No Preference driver : Nearby drivers with any gender type will receive the trip.

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Riders Solution

Rider Advantages

  • No Surge pricing
  • Select your own preferred driver
  • Select the gender of the driver (male or female)
  • Book online/ App
  • Web interface for large corporate business
  • We have a corporate app for business employees
  • Collect coins for free rides

Drivers Solution

Driver Advantages

  • Unique referral incentive platform
  • Drivers can earn without driving
  • Work locally earn globally
  • Secure platform female driver
  • We have a web interface for large taxi companies and fleets
  • Life time secure income
  • Advance bookings
“I placed my delivery part order at around 11.15am and less than 20 minutes later the car part was at my door! What a wonderful service. Thank you so much and keep up the good work. I will definitely place all orders with delivery boom.”
”We have used and will continue to use RideBoom 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are a vital part of our business in Mohali. I would not hesitate to recommend Rideboom as an efficient, professional organisation who will meet any travel needs you may have.” Singh Auto Dealers
Singh Auto
” I am driving part-time with RideBoom because I need some extra money for my family and for my younger son. I feel less stress while working with RideBoom, they are very supportive I am going to start work full time very soon”
”Just want to say congratulations for your innovative and lovely service. I was very impressed with the level of service I received. Got into a car on time using the app and the fare was very affordable compared to other service. Well done RIDEBOOM.”
Thank you for your professional and affordable service. I can’t believe now I can select the driver gender for my own safe ride and its a great opportunity for women to find job in the driving sector.

RideBoom Members & Community


Financial Planner Chandigarh

Now with gender booking, I feel secure to travel With RideBoom, I can select the gender of the driver which I prefer to be female. 


Uni Student

I drive with RideBoom part-time. I am uni student and look for the part-time job having flexibility. This job gives me the freedom to work any time.


RideBoom Partner Driver

I am full RideBoom partner driver. This is the only platform in the globe that give lifetime incentives to drivers. My Future is Secure with RideBoom.

Mr & Mrs. Sharma

We feel more secure when our daughter travel with RideBoom because she can select a female driver for her trip. This is a wonderful feature in RideBoom.


Thanks, RideBoom for providing me the opportunity to drive and work myself and able to look after my family and my two children’s. In my free time, I provide rides to other female riders and I feel proud in what I am doing.


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