RideBoom the multitask rideshare app is now preparing to launch it multitask app for Delhi in the coming weeks. RideBoom is now availed in the Tri-city and after having a great response from the drivers and the riders now they are working to launch in Delhi.

RideBoom RB Bike got all standard safety features in its app like the red alert security button which can connect your call to the nearest police station if there is an emergency. Plus, there is a gender selection for the safer rides for women’s safety. Most female riders’ priority is to get the female driver and they feel safe to travel with the female driver so to keep this in mind RideBoom adds this extra feature driver gender selection.

The other feature is RB Coins credits it’s like ride credits which you will get at the end of each ride, and you can use this for the next ride.

What’s in it for Delhi Riders

  1. Affordability

RideBoom have a unique pricing system, there is no hidden charges or surge when the demand is high.

  1. Safe Rides

RideBoom got the safest rides for all and especially for women passengers.

  1. Women empowerment

Women can join RideBoom as a driver as well, with the driver gender safety option they will get the female rider’s job first.


  1. Select your preferred driver

All riders can select their preferred driver male or female by entering the driver code at the time of the registration.

  1. RB Coins

Each RideBoom user will get the RB Coins credits at the end of each ride with RideBoom, and they can use these credits against their next ride.

There are many extra features in RideBoom which user going to get once

they start using the RideBoom app.

For More Info download the RideBoom app from the app store or visit the website at www.rideboom.com/india