RideBoom the unique rideshare app just add a taxi service in Delhi NCR after just four weeks of having a lot of support from the commuters for the RideBoom bike taxi service.

It’s been just four weeks since RideBoom Bike ride-sharing service, RideBoom, Bike was launched in Delhi, providing Delhi users a low-cost alternative to the users. Since then, the service has grown a tremendous amount: It’s got more than 1000 drivers operating in the area, who together are taking many riders a day.

RideBoom works like other car transportation apps: You open it up and the app searches for available cars nearby. The difference is, that in RideBoom you can select the gender of the driver for your safety and you can select your preferred male or female driver at the time of the registration.

There is no peak or surge pricing unique transparent pricing. There are no surge or convenience fees like other rideshare apps that are keeping the users in dark.

The user can get a bonus of 300 rupees of ride credits at the first download and if they share their referral code with family and friends, they will get another 100 rupees of ride credits on each download which they can use against their next rides. These cars are driven by professional drivers.

Users can rate their drivers, and at the end of the ride, and add comments against the ride experience.

There is a red alert safety button in the app which connects your call to the nearest police if the user feels that there is a safety issue while in the taxi. Drivers also rate their passengers.

The RideBoom founder said that RideBoom was launched in Delhi to make local transportation “more affordable, more social, and more efficient,” we are not here to win the user’s pockets but to gain their trust in the service.

RideBoom also has an intensive process for evaluating drivers, which includes criminal background checks, followed by in-person interviews and direct calls to the drivers and vehicle inspections before activating their accounts.

Getting drivers trained and onboarded will become increasingly important for RideBoom. This is the only on-demand rideshare company that is still on bootstrap and gaining so much support from the drivers’ community and riders who put their trust in the service which is unique compared to others.

The most pocket-friendly ride, Let’s RideBoom.

 For more info visit the website www.rideboom.com/india

Download the RideBoom app from the app store or google play.

For all inquiries contact@rideboom.com