Traditional Taxi service in India has spread in every part of the country now. Riders pick random drivers putting their safety at stake. This is followed by several criminal activities happening with many people because of this orthodox feature. It became necessary to bring a revolution in India’s Taxi service.

“Necessary is the mother of invention.”

Likewise, we studied this problem, happening not only in India but all over the world and thereby, RideBoom was born. However, for a heavily populated country like India, RideBoom stands as a Holy Grail by doing what none of the taxi services has done yet, flipping the stereotypes and making taxi trips feel safer than ever, more comfortable than ever.

RideBoom gives you the confidence of living your lives in your own terms. There’s no fear of getting too late from partying, spending late nights at work or even travelling for night shifts. Going to an unknown place without a single spot of the doubt for safety is now a cakewalk. You are just one click away from a safe and smooth ride. Independent women of India will love us the most!

To make it all even safer, we take it to another level by letting both, driver and the rider to rate each other after every trip. Unlike other traditional cab services in India, RideBoom’s drivers get the incentive to be good with the rider. If any rider or any driver does not comply with our terms, they can be banned from using our services. This way, we only have the best of the drivers and best of the riders taking our service, ensuring the safety of both the parties.

As soon as your trip request is accepted by the driver, you’ll get a notification providing the Driver’s name, license plate number, photo, and ratings, so you know who’s your driver. This will make you feel secure about who’s accompanying you throughout the journey.

The most important feature of RideBoom is Gender Booking Service. This system hasn’t been seen in India in a full-fledged manner yet. So, what people of India will be witnessing is a whole new experience.

Before the journey, you can specify what gender of the driver you would prefer. If you want a female driver to feel secure, you can choose to have one. If you want a male driver, you can do that too. And when you select Trip with No Preference driver, nearby drivers of any gender type will receive the trip order.