Gone are the days when seeking transportation at doorstep was a tedious job. In recent years, the task accomplished with the help of the tip of the finger. Rideboom believes in offering convenient transportation to the users in Melbourne and Canberra in Australia. The mobile applications are highly user-centric and provide simple options to the clients to book the cab for a service. The users can easily avail the luxury car service offered by the app. They have a wide range of vehicle choices for the clients ranging from RB Eco to RB Lux.
The users can locate the nearest driver and seek the pickup time. The users can book the cab, and the driver will be at the pick up as per the scheduled time. The users can connect with the driver and get to know the real status of arrival time. The USP of the service providing app is that they offer gender-based services to the users. Thus the female drivers are also a part of the team. There are ladies who prefer to be driven around by another lady as it gives them a secured feeling and the app is more than happy to provide them with the service.
To seek a Melbourne airport transport service, the app has a plethora of drivers available. The app has well-maintained vehicles for the airport pick-up and drops service. With the help of the application, the user can see the options of the vehicles available and then select the most preferred one. The vehicle will reach for the execution of the service within 10 minutes. The users are offered the cab charge service which is a very convenient way to make the payment for the services which has been availed.
The best service offered by the app is that they provide job assistance to the people who want to earn extra income through the driver services made available for the people. The interested candidates can become drivers with the app in their free time and earn a few extra bucks which can make their life easier. Even females are enrolling as drivers to serve the community and make extra income.
The Rideboom app has emerged as a very successful app service in the related area. They do not believe in taking advantage of the users and thus charge rates which are highly competitive in the market.