In India, the number of female passengers reporting sexual harassment while travelling in taxis is has skyrocketed. It is high time to take women’s safety seriously.

In India, the number of female passengers reporting sexual harassment while travelling in taxis is has skyrocketed. It’s high time to take women’s safety seriously.

Due to the increase in these crimes, many cab service companies in India pre-set emergency contact and SOS button to send cab and location details when required. But these features hardly work! The criminals always find a way or others to reach their motive.

With increasing numbers of complaints from female passengers, RideBoom knew it’s time to take the Taxi service for women to a whole new level. Where they can choose for their safety themselves.

Well, RideBoom allows you to do so! RideBoom is an Australian based Taxi service which is soon to set out in India. RideBoom is working for the security of every gender and making taxi service as much feasible as possible.

Each day more than 50% of regular women travellers are sexually harassed in India. Many women are robbed, misbehaved by opposite gender drivers, gender shaming, and bullying is also carried out monumentally. These problems are constantly increasing day by day. And people are putting extraordinarily little limelight in this serious matter of concern. If this is not curbed in a time, the number of solo female travellers will decimate soon. This goes the other way around for other genders too. But criminal activities towards women are much higher than that of men in terms of travelling alone in Taxis.

The prominent question is- Do women deserve this?

RideBoom exactly knows what independent, strong women of India need. You’ll be in complete awe of the RideBoom’s service. Imagine, riding back home after a long day at the office and relaxing during the entire journey in Taxi without any worry of becoming prey to a wolf.

RideBoom will give you the confidence to experience such a trip very soon! RideBoom knows women do not deserve to live on the edge. That is why a big step of launching RideBoom in India is around the corner.

What special RideBoom has to offer to the Women of India?

A lot of women in India face harassment while travelling alone. The number has been stagnant for a long time and does not seem to be reducing.

India is a heavily populated country, touching greater heights each day demands a safer revolution in Taxi service.

What RideBoom provides- One can select a male or a female or other driver as per their preference merely with just a push of a button.

The good thing is a male rider cannot request the female driver and vice versa. But If one does not select any gender at the time of the booking then any driver of any gender can turn up so it’s win-win for rider and driver. Also, RideBoom has this peculiar feature of gender selection option which is a major step toward acceptance for people who don’t self-identify as male or female.