The top reasons behind the lowest ride cancelations by the RideBoom drivers.

RideBoom is a unique on-demand rideshare app that includes taxis, bikes, and parcel delivery. RideBoom is available in more than five major Indian cities at this stage with bike and taxi rides.
A recent study shows that RideBoom drivers got the lowest ride cancelations and they do cancel only if there is an emergency like if they are stuck in traffic or a car broke down.

Instead, the RideBoom drivers always make a call to the passengers not to cancel the ride.

The top reason why RideBoom got the lowest number of ride cancelations

Extra Earning
As per RideBoom drivers are earning more while driving with RideBoom, RideBoom charges a minimal amount fee toward each ride.

Lifelong incentives
The driver can earn without driving with a lifelong incentive plan so if the driver is sick or unwell and unable to work he or she still can make some money.

Low overhead expenses
With RideBoom drivers are saving more money they don’t have to drive empty miles they can get more work around their working area from their attached clients.

Driver support
RideBoom provides better support and advice to the drivers like how to keep their cars clean, how to help with passengers’ luggage, and how to earn more by attaching more customers with their driver code.
RideBoom is focusing on better service by providing better training to its drivers and offering more benefits to the users.

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