RideBoom is on its way to blow a torch in the taxi industry to help drivers.

The on-demand ride-share taxi and bike drivers can see and feel a change in their working conditions and the way they get treated by working with RideBoom.

RideBoom is now available in more than 5 Indian cities and this is happening with the huge customer and driver support. Even the taxi unions welcome the launch of RideBoom in their city and request other drivers to join RideBoom for a better secure future.

Recently RideBoom bike service was added in Kolkata and within 48 hours more than 300 drivers came forward to register with RideBoom.

According to the RideBoom founder

“ We are so overwhelmed by the driver’s community support wherever we launch the RideBoom drivers came forward in huge numbers to register”

Drivers know that they have all been left over when the pandemic hit the whole world there was no support for the drivers now they know that with RideBoom they can earn without driving as well it’s like a lifelong incentive for them and their families.

So in the RideBoom understanding, it will take some time for the customers and daily cab users to get familiar with RideBoom features and advantages.

Each driver’s background which includes criminal and driving records have been checked before activating his or her account.

RideBoom is available in more than 5 Indian cities and it is going to soft launch its app in more than 20 cities in the next six months. RideBoom is going to be the most affordable and transparent on-demand rideshare app in India.

About RideBoom

RideBoom is the most unique on-demand rideshare app founded by Harmider Malhi known as Harry Malhi who got over twenty years of experience in this domain. It’s still bootstrap and avail in three major Australian cities and five Indian cities it’s the only bootstrap startup that can be launched in two countries. RideBoom is multitasked app that is connecting customers to drivers and a wide range of vehicles across bikes and taxis.


Download the free RideBoom app available in the play store and app store.

Let’s RideBoom India.

For more info www.rideboom.com/india