RideBoom keeps adding their service in more cities on the demand of Drivers & Riders

RideBoom is always receiving feedback from the drivers and the users like passengers who whose similar to other on-demand rideshare apps for daily commute before adding or Launching RideBoom in those particular cities.

As per the RideBoom founder “ we always listen to our users and drivers this makes us feel proud that they know RideBoom is going to provide them better service” we can understand the frustration of the drivers and daily users who need another alternative to the current service providers who are busy in the price war only and they don’t look after the customers or drivers.

RideBoom is still a bootstrap company and able to launch in many Indian cities and soon the service will be available in the cities like mandi, Shimla, and Dharmshala.

If you want to save money on daily rides you must download the RideBoom app which is available on the google and app store. The new user will get the download bonus of 300 rupees which he can use against the rides in RideBoom taxi or bike rides.

According to RideBoom, we like to add the service in as many cities as possible because we are receiving messages from customers and drivers on the daily basis from every Indian city.

When you share the referral code with your friends Both the sender and receiver will get another 100 rupees of ride credits plus you will get cashback ride coins credits after each ride with RideBoom.

In RideBoom the drivers always make more money compared to other service providers and there are lifelong incentives for the drivers. Many drivers become the preferred drivers of their daily users by sharing their driver codes with passengers and this is possible in only RideBoom.

RideBoom is working on to add rental service in the coming months and going to add more cities.

So if you are a regular user of taxis and bike rides be a smart user why pay more for your daily rides when you can have a better service with the same drivers in less?

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For More info visit www.rideboom.com/india