RideBoom doesn’t have the surge price or peak-off-peak formula in their rides for daily users.

RideBoom never supports the surge price against their rides. Surge price has been used by many on-demand ride share aggregators so when the demand is high they increase the price of the trip or ride.    

When there is rain the price is high but the drivers are not making any extra earnings out of this. The drivers are still working 27/7 to earn some money.

RideBoom gains enormous support from the drivers and the users for not keeping them in the dark its all transparent with Rideoom.  

RideBoom constantly looks after the needs of the market and the regular user of on-demand rideshare taxis and bike taxis. In RideBoom both the drivers and the passengers can give ratings and reviews at the end of the trip. The RideBoom customer service team personally looks after these reviews and contacts the drivers accordingly. Both riders and drivers can rate one to five stars on a trip.

RideBoom always gives importance to

Treat everyone with respect:

we want riders and drivers to feel safe and secure while using RideBoom and stay positive. Always respect your driver and their vehicle as you would want to be treated. You are always welcome to give tips to the driver for their better service.

Your RideBoom Is here:

Remember that RideBoom drivers’ time is important and they shouldn’t have to wait for you for more than 5 minutes. A smooth pickup is better for everyone so be ready to jump in when the driver arrives.

RideBoom is always very thankful for the riders and drivers to give positive feedback about each other and RideBoom is always trying to improve the service and is happy to provide the service at the lowest price possible.

It’s not about how big or small are we it’s all about how we can provide a better service to our customers and save money on the daily rides.

The RideBoom drivers don’t ask where you want to go they will call and ask you not to cancel the job request because they are on their way to pick up you.

Let’s RideBoom.

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