RideBoom is the first and fastest on-demand bootstrap company getting customers’ and drivers’ support.

RideBoom is a unique on-demand rideshare app that includes taxis, bikes, and parcel delivery.
RideBoom is available in more than five cities in India and successfully try the Australian market in the past with its MVP and according to the founder, it was a great success.

The world’s longest covid lockdown in Australia makes RideBoom move to India. RideBoom wants to become the most affordable on-demand rideshare platform in the market and that is the reason it’s the fastest-growing ride-share app and the most favorable in the minds of users and drivers.

The RideBoom doesn’t hire the top nudge executive and managers because according to the founder “ no one knows your business better than you” and it’s true we can’t afford them also.
Our main concern is to win the customer’s trust and let them decide who is the better in the market.

On the other hand, our drivers never ask the question to the customer where they want to go or Jana kahan hai? They always ask not to cancel the ride. RideBoom cares for the drivers and that’s how they show care to the customers.

Another great advantage for RideBoom is that RideBoom got the lowest ride request cancelation and all this is because of the RideBoom drivers who are earning more than compare to other ride-share platforms.

According to the Founder “
RideBoom wants to raise the smart money only for smart marketing and its city launch programs.
We need smart entrepreneurs who got a fire in their bellies and like to do something big.

RideBoom is growing at the rate of 75% on the daily basis and this is all happening just with word of mouth and through drivers’ customers’ awareness.

About RideBoom
RideBoom is the most unique on-demand rideshare app founded by Harmider Malhi known as Harry Malhi who got over twenty years of experience in this domain.

Download the free RideBoom app available in the play store and app store.
Let’s RideBoom India.
For more info www.rideboom.com/india