Rideshare industry now has a new and more ardent competitor, with launch of RideBoom.

The app-based taxi service includes bike taxi and ambulance offers more options and greater choice than any other service provider, with safety and hygiene paramount.

The founder Mr Malhi says “the industry has been crying out for a shake up and shake it up we will.

Mr Malhi further add that “RideBoom is not out to create a turf war, but it is well equipped to tackle the current market head on. The rideshare community has been awash with new stories about riders have a less-than-desired ride with certain drives. With Gender Booking, RideBoom is looking to increase the quality of experience for every rider.

“The call is out there for a consistent, quality service at a reasonable price and that is what we will deliver.”

RideBoom got many safety features in there RideBoom App compared to any other ride share app in the globe like share trip info with loved ones, gender booking option, preferred driver option.

Another safety feature in their app a red-light icon button on rider map. This could help and improve the rider chances of getting help when you need while in a car. This button is like a small red-light icon if rider press this will connect the call to police.


One of the major advantages to RideBoom is that there is no surge pricing during peak hours and rider will get RB Coins credits on each ride with RideBoom and they can share this ride credits to book car for their family and friends.

Passengers who download the RideBoom app from iTunes or Google Play and register their details will then be able to select the type of vehicle they are after and when they want it.

Thereafter, with the simple touch of a button on their smart phone, they will be able to order a car immediately or pre-book up to a week ahead.

Mr Malhi says customers will be encouraged to contribute feedback after each and every trip through an optional three-question survey they will receive on their mobile phone.

“Our intention is to continue to listen to our passengers and make our service the very best in the business,” he says.

Over time, RideBoom will be introduced into other Indian cities.

Rider Advantage

Affordable rides, no surge pricing, select your own preferred driver, select the gender of the driver, free credits on each ride, safer for women and children plus ambulance.


Earn more, less commission, destination setup, first preference on own passenger, lifelong incentives