RideBoom the unique ride share app can help you and your business to cut on the travel cost.

The country like India after covid the economy is booming and where the demand still very high for the travel, travel managers face an increasing challenge to balance cost savings without sacrificing the employee experience.

RideBoom can save the money and time not only for the daily travel but for the corporate travel as well.
RideBoom can help you manage travel budgets while providing an elevated experience tailored to the business travel needs.

Pre-book your car whenever you have a late night shift. Our partner driver will be there to pick you up and drop you off at home in a safe and secure car. Every business needs to move with times. RideBoom will help your business to move fast at low cost.

We are able to accommodate all requests and are able to fulfil a range of businesses and company travel transportation needs and at a very low-level costing. RideBoom has an affordable ride for every business need. Use the RB Eco option as a cheaper option for your daily business travel. Staying or finishing late at night don’t worry RideBoom will provide you with secure and safe cars around the clock. You can choose a Ride now or Ride later option. Boost your business with RideBoom.

One Account For All Company Travel, Easy To Monitor

Once you are registered as a corporate client you are able to access our web portal admin panel. From there your staff member who looks after your company travel accounts is able to request either ride now or ride later trips.

You can view the types of cars available in your area and select the car that best suits your needs. You can also request delivery drivers to collect the parcel from your doorstep or warehouse and track the car on the map in-app.

We run monthly billing cycles to clear all accounts.

• Save money on travel bills.
• Book and manage your bookings.
• Track your drivers.
• Affordable billing solutions.
• Select your own cars and drivers.
• Very affordable parcel delivery.

Let’s RideBoom your business.

For more info www.rideboom.com/india