The RideBoom founder is pleased to announce that the RideBoom Bike taxi is now available in major cities of Himachal Pradesh India.

RideBoom is currently available in major cities of India including Delhi, Chandigarh, Mohali, and others. It is a ride-share app where the rider can get a car or bike taxi with the push of a button. 1% of each ride is donated to local charities.

RideBoom recently add another milestone by adding its services in Dharmshala, mandi, Palampur, and other small cities in Himachal.

Convenience is the number one benefit of using RideBoom. You can always find a driver that can help you get home or anywhere you want to go. When you need a ride, simply open the app on your mobile device and select your location, and you will know how far the nearest driver is. Once you order a ride, you can track your driver’s movement and be ready when he/she arrives at your location to pick you up. It’s as simple as that. Get a ride anywhere any time.

According to RideBoom state like Himachal needs services like RideBoom, many people own a bike or a scooter and it’s the first mode of travel here because of the hills where it is very easy to ride a two-wheeler.


In the words of the RideBoom founder, “ we are creating more jobs in these places where the employment level is very low and people need a job”

RideBoom drivers are making and earning more and even helping to advertise the company info and the advantage of using RideBoom. They are asking most of the daily users to download the app and always book a ride with the RideBoom app.

Happy drivers make happy riders. We believe in my mission these cities launching and changes are appreciated by the RideBoom drivers, we are going to add our service in more cities in the coming weeks and it will, in turn, it will create more employment opportunities for the drivers and better experience for our riders. With these changes, we are also reinforcing service quality expectations with drivers, especially those who have never provided or have no customer service experience.


Let’s RideBoom Himachal.

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