RideBoom Technologies proudly announce to the public, the successful upgrade of its mobile app called RideBoom and developed new separate app called RideBoom driver for drivers which is to enhance drivers satisfaction.

Rideboom is widely known for its sleek operating mode and customer satisfaction derived by providing transportation (basically private car hire and parcel delivery service) from the tip of the finger operating its fantastic mobile app.

Rideboom’s may not be the first to introduce such application but definitely the first with essential features which is being made available in the upgraded version.

Thinking about car hire , the best bet is ordering online or through the Rideboom app, the new Rideboom app has been made in two versions; unlike the previous which permits both drivers and clients to login through the same interface, the new one has a separate interface for both riders and drivers now, with these riders can login in with Facebook accounts, username as well

The astonishing feature in the other app named Rideboom driver is the fact that drivers enjoy a more user-friendly operation with features like the unique login for drivers, ability to set shifts, the beautiful background as well as notifications.

“Deliver for a few hours in the mornings or nights or just on weekends; it’s up to you. You are your own boss, and you choose when and how much you work”. K. Mark (RB partner Driver)

As a client who needs a ride, get the Rideboom app installed, log on, select pickup location and destination using an integrated online map, choose from the available type of vehicle, the nearest driver on the map is displayed with the estimated pick up time, complete booking process using the ride now tab and connect with driver in good time. Sincerely this is not just fantastic but time and stress saving.

“I stumble on the Rideboom while browsing a stuff online, I counted it to be same old story, as I have some kind of previous experiences with similar car and delivery companies, my curiosity arouse when I read through their operation mode and I discovered how fast it can be, a driver and rider can be connected in minutes and you both expect to see each other soon, unlike some other platforms which you have to send message to the first, they now search for the available driver before he is been directed to the rider, but with RideBoom its all connected in minutes if not seconds.…I must confess this is unique!”

Rideboom remains steadfastly concern in satisfying clients and making drivers happy with an income determined by their own set schedule.

RideBoom has a stunning and user-friendly website where booking can be made; inquiries are welcome and treated as more can be read about Rideboom.

The Rideboom and Rideboom Driver apps are available for download both on google play and App store.

Email: press@rideboom.com
Website: www.rideboom.com