Ride with RideBoom in Brisbane

Brisbane, capital of Queensland, is a large city on the Brisbane River. Clustered in its South Bank cultural precinct are the Queensland Museum and Sciencentre, with noted interactive exhibitions.

Ride or Drive with pride with RideBoom. Heading to airport, conference, party or parcel delivery or even for quick ride get ride with RideBoom. RideBoom is a multitask ride hail app developed and started in melbourne. RideBoom offers to book cars nearby your location for best affordable fares. Tap on RideBoom app and select car according to your needs RB eco for economy rides or RB select for fixed fare rides, SUV or van. There is rides for every pocket with RideBoom.

You can drive with RideBoom as well. The aim is to build enduring relationships with both our riders and our drivers.  

RideBoom signals the future. RideBoom is a one step solution for all your car hire needs. After you install our mobile app and make a few clicks you will be on your way to a great travel experience. From cost effective pricing, quick availability and cashless payment, your travel will be covered with RideBoom. We assure you service by professional drivers. Our mission is aligned with our customers’ needs for safe, comfortable travel. RideBoom is the future of safe travel booking.

RB Eco

Base Fare $1.50
Per Min $0.25
Per KM $0.90
Minimum Fare $6.50
Cancel $10.00


  • The Average rides that are always the best option to get from one point too other.
  • Everyone’s affordable ride.
  • The low cost ride for every day travel.

RB Best

Base Fare $5.00
Per Min $0.55
Per KM $1.50
Min Fare $0.00
Cancel $10.00
  • You don’t pay for any abnormal waiting time.
  • There are no extra charges for traffic jams.
  • Lower fares and luxury premium cars.
  • No Surge pricing.

RB Lux

Base Fare $10.00
Per Min $1.00
Per KM $2.00
Minimum Fare $20.00
Cancel $10.00
  • Most popular for business travel.
  • Extra black luxury to travel in style.
  • Heading out for special occasions or pleasure.
  • Cheaper than taxi rides.


Base Fare $10.00
Per Min $0.35
Per KM $1.50
Minimum Fare $8.50
Cancel $10.00
  • More spacious and extra leg room.
  • Flexible seating arrangements .
  • Safest cars on road.
  • Affordable luxury rides like king.

Silver Cabs

Base Fare $3.50
Per Min $0.80
Per KM $2.00
Minimum Fare $15.00
Cancel $10.00
  • Silver service luxury clean cars.
  • Need some comfort and extra space.
  • Less wait times than usual taxis.