Driver FAQ

Frequently asked questions

What is RideBoom?

At RideBoom, we help connect riders [passengers] with drivers in an instant without the hassle of wait or uncertainty. With our easy-to-use app, passengers get a vehicles or taxi in two quick taps, while drivers earn more money and a secure future with RideBoom. RideBoom is not a transportation company nor does it employ any drivers. At RideBoom we facilitate a range of cars for hire including limousines, luxury taxis and economy cars, AID vans, delivery cars. RideBoom App is available in Apple Store and Google Play for down load. Our App can be down loaded anywhere in the world. Passengers can become members from any part of the world. The Drivers have special incentive schemes that can earn them income for life.

Why should I sign up?

If you join us to serve the passengers, you get many chances to serve al lot customers and high end corporate customers. We further encourage you to enrol as many customers as possible providing them with your driver code. This will provide you income for life regardless of whether you serve them or not. We do not charge any fees to you when you serve your own referred customers and the system is free for you to use. If you refer other drivers and operators to our RideBoom system, you will earn further incentive payments whenever those drivers serve other customers (except their own referred customer). As there is income for life, regardless of whether you drive or not, it is very advantageous for you to join us and refer as many customers and drivers to the system.
We do not take your customers away. We allow you to serve your own customers for whatever arrangement you have with them. In addition, we pay you additional incentive income whenever your customers are served by others.
Therefore, please register with us as soon as possible to reap enormous benefits.

What documents do I need for registration?

Please check in website what documents do you require to register as a driver partner and delivery boom partner driver.

Is RideBoom exclusively for licensed drivers?

Yes, we only hire accredited, commercial licensed vehicles and drivers except RB Eco and RB delivery drivers.

What are the key features of the app?

The App allows for riders to make ‘Ride Later’ and ‘Ride Now’ bookings. These bookings are available to be picked up by RideBoom registered drivers depending on vehicle types requested and the driver ratings.
The App registers all your earnings and displays all information to you including pending jobs.

What phone do I need?

You need a smart phone that you can down load our App. Any iPhones or Android phones would be sufficient.

How do I let you know when I've got a non-RideBoom job on board?

We don’t need to know about it. You can have non-RideBoom jobs. However, if you accept a RideBoom job, you should fulfil your obligation to serve the RideBoom customer as per the agreed conditions.

Do I have to stop membership of my existing dispatch service?

It will be beneficial to you if you do so as you can stop paying them for their dispatch services. We don’t charge the drivers any fixed fees. We only charge fees when RideBoom rides are allocated to you.

How much does it cost? 

Our services do not have any fixed charges to Drivers. We get a percentage of customer fees for us finding you customers. This percentage is agreed with you at the time of you registering with us. We charge far less than what others are charging for these services. We also provide a lifelong incentive scheme to drivers that bring in customers and other drivers. Our incentives are not one off. They are for the rest of your life.

What are the key terms and conditions?

Please read our Terms and Conditions within the web site and App. Basically we are asking you to commit to providing safe, quality professional services to RideBoom customers. In return we provide you with a very high portion of the fare and lifelong incentive schemes for referring more customers. More customers you refer by providing them with your driver code, higher the incentive revenue you make.

How do I sign up?

You may sign up through our RideBoom App from Apple store or Google play or email your documents to us for registration.

How can I contact you?

Please send us an email via Contact Us section of our website.

How do I take payment for a RideBoom job?

You are not allowed to take any payments from Customers other than if they book car by phone or they paying by cab charge. RideBoom App will automatically deduct payments from the customer credit card.

Do you have any rules concerning driver conduct?

Yes, we do have Code of Conduct requirements for drivers and riders. Please refer to our driver / rider code of conduct requirements that is available in the terms and conditions and shown separately.

When do I get paid?

You will get paid your base payments and incentive payments on a fortnightly basis, deposited into your bank account directly.

I can't login - what do I do?

Please log out, switch off the phone and start again.

Do I have to get car inspection to register with Rideboom?

Yes, you need to get car inspect by one of our partner qualified inspection centre Except for RB Lux and RB delivery cars.

Where is the rideboom inspection centre located?

There are 3 mechanic one in west, one in north near airport and one in south east partner with rideboom please check their address at

About RideBoom

How is RideBoom different from other taxi apps? 

The other Apps are only local and have very limited features. Our RideBoom App provides for the following additional features:

  • Ride Later and Ride Now bookings
  • Incorporates taxis
  • Provides a comprehensive record of all your earnings
  • Allows you to first serve your referred customers. Only if you do not accept these jobs go to a common pool.
  • Provides you an incentive scheme for your retirement income and income for rest of your life.
  • You can take time off and still earn plenty of money by other drivers serving your customers.
  • RideBoom will look after your customer’s interstate or even overseas. Whenever they travel interstate or overseas on RideBoom vehicles, you earn incentive payments.
  • We have many more such features.

Where can I get a demo? 

Just down load RideBoom App and register and use the system. If you don’t like our system you are free not to use our system. As there are no fixed fee charges, you are free to do whatever you want.

How much does it cost?

It cost nothing to down load our App. When RideBoom finds you customers, there is a service fee payable to RideBoom. These will be provided at the time of registration. We charge significantly less than others and provide you with a very good incentive scheme that provides for the rest of your life.

I'm already on another taxi dispatch service, does this matter?

No, it does not matter. As long as you are registered with us, just use our system.

Do I have to stop membership of my existing dispatch service?

It is up to you. However, it would be beneficial to do so as we will be getting you plenty of jobs and you will not have to worry about other services.

Getting started

What phone do I need?

You need a smart phone. Something like an Apple or Samsung phone would do.

What phone plan should I have?

It is up to you. However, we would recommend you use an unlimited data download plan.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up through our app by downloading App via google play or Apple Store or send in your documents via email and we will do this for you.
What's the battery usage?

What's the battery usage?

Could be high. We recommend you carry a charger in your car.

I’m having trouble signing up on the website, what can I do?

Please try by down loading RideBoom App. If you still have problems, please contact us via the Contact Us section of the website.

I don't have an email address? 

You need to sign up and get an e-mail address. We recommend you get a Gmail address. You need to have an email address for us to register you and communicate with you.

I've registered but not received an email or SMS, what can I do?

Please contact us via the Contact Us section of our website.

I've uploaded my documents and profile photo - what next?

We will confirm your registration and provide you with a registration number. You can use this to log on to the system and start using our system.

I've installed the app but I’m having trouble uploading my documents, what can I do?

Please try to use our website registration process. If not contact us via the Contact us section of our web site. We will advise you what to do.

I've signed up, when can I start taking jobs?

Once you receive the driver code and log on you will start to get jobs. Keep your phone switched on always.

I don't do technology / not great with technology; can I get some help?

Our App is very simple to use. Please follow our video tutorials as to how to down load and use our App. If all else fails, ask your friends to help you

Does RideBoom works on an iPad or Android Tablets?

Yes, indeed. Just down load on these devises. However, it will work for one log-in only. So, you cannot use RideBoom App in two different devises at the same time

Why do I need to enter my bank details?

If you want to get paid, we need to have your bank details for us to credit payments. We have no other way of paying you.

The RideBoom service

Do you show a destination?

we do not show destination. Once you pick up the rider and start your trip you able to see the destination. It is important that you do not cancel any job after you pick up the job unless the circumstances are beyond your control. Always communicate directly with your customer if there are any issues.

Which credit cards work with RideBoom?

The credit cards are required for riders / customers only. Not for drivers.

I share a cab. Is RideBoom registered to the driver or the vehicle?

RideBoom registers vehicles and drivers. The driver must nominate at the start of his day which vehicle he will use.

Do you have any big accounts?

There are large operators signed up within our system.

What is your passenger cancellation policy?

Please refer to user cancellation policy in our website.

What are RideBoom fixed prices?

There are no fixed price options.

How to charge tolls to rider?

You will get pop up option end of each trip to enter tolls if you no use toll way just Press drop.

What is the minimum fare?

Please check in web site.

I am going to make more money in parcel jobs?

Yes, indeed but only RB delivery drivers and RB Eco drivers are eligible to get parcel jobs.

Taking a RideBoom fare

How does RideBoom offer me jobs?

Whenever a customer request a ride, the request is dispatched to drivers of cars that match the request. The order of dispatch is that highest rated drivers will first get the job. If they do not accept in specified time, then it will be issued based on rating.
For Ride Now jobs, if the car type matches, and you are within range of the pick-up point you will be offered the job. All you need is accept the job and it is yours.

When do I start my meter?

There is no meter to start. The ‘start trip’ button is in the App and once the customer is in the car you push the ‘start trip’ button. If the customer is late, please call the customer and make sure you do not press the start trip button unless you have his permission. You need to wait for at least 10 minutes before you can push the ‘start trip’ button. Please communicate with your customer first.

How do I take payment for a RideBoom job?

There is no provision for you to take any payments. This is all done automatically by the App when you press “End trip” button.

Can I accept jobs when I already have a passenger?

No, you will not get any notifications of another ‘Ride Now’ job while you are engaged in a ‘Ride Now’ job. However, you can receive notification for a ‘Ride Later’ job while being engaged in a ‘Ride Now’ job. It is up to you to accept or not the ‘Ride Later’ job.

Can I cancel a RideBoom fare to pick up a fare off the street?

No, you cannot cancel an accepted RideBoom job unless under very unavoidable circumstances such as flat tire, horrible traffic conditions and the like. You must contact the customer and advise him of your position. With his permission, you may cancel the job. RideBoom will endeavour to provide him with an alternate vehicle.

How do I contact my passenger?

At the time of you accepting the job, the customer details will be provided to you. His / Her mobile number will be given to you to contact the customer. Please let the customer know of your ETA as a matter of curtsey.

Do I have to take a fixed price job? 

RideBoom does not support any fixed price jobs.

Getting to the right pickup point?

If you find difficulties in locating the pickup point or the customer, please directly contact the customer as soon as possible. Then you can decide for alternatives.

What happens if a passenger is not at the pickup location?

If the customer is not at the pickup location at the pickup time, please call the customer and discuss his available time. If he is not contactable, then you need to wait for at least 10 minutes before, you can cancel the job and activate the “No Show” provision. We will charge the customer our cancelation charge and that cancelation charge will be credited to your account. The cancelation charges are shown in the cancelation terms and conditions.

I'm stuck in traffic, what do I do?

If you are stuck in traffic and are not going to be able to be at the pickup point at the pickup time, please call the customer and provide him a new ETA. If this is not acceptable to the customer, please let him know you will cancel the job. Once you have cancelled the job and provide appropriate reasons, we will endeavour to find the customer alternate car. The customer will not be charged any cancellation fee.

What do I do when I've arrived at the pickup location?

You need to tap om arrived and waiting button to alert through our RideBoom system to the customer. It would be advisable for you to call the customer or send him a text message to say you have arrived. You must wait 10 minutes before you could press ‘Trip Start’ button or ‘No Show’ cancellation.

What happens if a passenger asks me to deviate from the fixed price route?

There are no fixed price jobs in our system. It does not matter what the route taken is as the customer will pay calculated using our fare calculator which accounts for time, distance and other factors. Longer route will cost the customer more.

I can't find my passenger?

If you cannot find the customer at the pickup location at the pickup time, please call the customer and discuss his available time. If he is not contactable, then you need to wait for at least 10 minutes before, you can cancel the job and activate the “No Show” provision. We will charge the customer our cancelation charge and that cancelation charge will be credited to your account. The cancelation charges are shown in the cancelation terms and conditions.

My passenger is drunk or disorderly, what do I do?

You need to manage the situation tactfully. If there are violations of the law, then you are entitled to notify the police. Any damages caused by the customer must be dealt between you and the customer.

My passenger and his friends are drunk and have vomited and damaged my car. What can I do?

You need to ask your passenger to pay for the clean-up cost and the repair costs of the damage. He is obliged to pay for the damages and clean-up costs legally. notify the police or send us email.

How long do I have to accept a job offer?

For a ‘Ride Now’ job you have 20 seconds. For ‘Ride Later’ you have more time. Please refer to driver terms and conditions.

Could I get tips for service from customers?

Yes. If the customer wants to give you a tip they may do so. The customer giving you tips is a sign of your excellent service to them. We very much encourage you continue such services to your customers.

How I contact rider?

You can use make call or text only through app just tap on call or text icon.

My Account

When do I get paid?

You will be paid directly to your nominated account directly. These earnings include GST. It is the Driver responsibility to pay the GST to relevant tax authorities.

Can you resend my statements?

Please send us an email via Contact Us section of our website. We will assist as appropriate.

Do you have any incentive / commission reward programs?

Yes, we do. We have a great incentive program which will provide you lifelong income even after you stop driving.

I can't login - what do I do?

Please down load the App again and try. Alternatively, try to register through our web site. If all else fails, contact us via ‘Contact Us’ section of the web site.

Some of my details are incorrect, what do I do?

You can amend the entries by logging in and changing information.

How do I access my job history?

This information is available in your App dashboard area.

I've changed my phone number; how do I update the app?

You can amend the entries by logging in and changing information.

I have a new email address; how do I update the app?

You need to contact us to update this information.

How do I change my password?

You can amend the entries by logging in and changing information.

Are my bank details secure?

Yes, they are. We only use this information to directly transfer your earnings to your account

I am having a technical problem

I'm not getting offered jobs. What do I do?

There may be many reasons for this including your poor ratings. We will endeavour to provide as many jobs as possible to all drivers. However, highest rated drivers can get more jobs from our system. Therefore, you must provide customers best service to earn high ratings. Please do not cancel any accepted jobs. These will adversely affect your ratings.

My app has crashed or frozen.

Please reboot the mobile phone. It should start working.

My app crashed when taking a payment.

The payments are deducted automatically. All you need to reboot and just press the “End trip” button.

My app isn't working as I expect it to - what shall I do?

If you are not satisfied with our service, you have the option to discontinue using our App. However, please send us a feedback via our ‘Contact Us ‘section in our web site. We will try to meet your expectations.

I've got a new phone; how do I re-install the app?

Just down load the App again. You can log-in using your already issued log-in details.

I am a Taxi driver – how do I use the RideBoom system

Can I join the RideBoom system by down loading the App and registering? 

Yes, we welcome taxi drivers to join our system. You can join our system provided you drive luxury taxi.
We are not registering normal cabs now. Please register via our web site or by down loading our App in App store or Google play. However, you need to down load the App in your smart phone to use our service and obtain jobs.

How do I get paid for my jobs?

In your bank account except cab charge payment or cash payment.

Would I get Ride Now Jobs and Ride Later?

Yes, you are entitled to get such jobs. However, this could happen only if you are within radius of the customer request point for Ride Now booking case. For the Ride, Later case on request of the customer, we may allocate the job to the taxis.

Would I get incentive payments when I bring customers and Drivers to RideBoom system?

Yes, you can get incentive payments, if your referred customers use RideBoom hire cars and not Taxis. As we do not collect any fees other than a fixed booking fee, we are unable to pay any incentive payments to taxi drivers.

Do I get any parking fees paid to me when I pick-up customers from the Airport?

No. drivers do not get any parking fee reimbursement from RideBoom.

Do I get any tolls fees paid to me?

yes, drivers able to enter at the end of each trip the tolls amount, enter tolls only if you use toll way.

Do I get any cancellation fees when customer cancels a job for Ride Now Bookings and Ride Later?

Yes, you do. Please refer to cancellation fees in the Driver section. Generally, the cancellation fee reimburse to you is AUD 10.00 regardless of whether it is a Ride Later or Ride Now booking.